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Doug Durham RN

Founder - President
Doug has been an RN since 1991. He found his niche in adult psych and substance abuse nursing and has worked in that field primarily most of his career. He now works as the Georgia state Director of the Post-Acute Rehabilitation Division for Hanger Clinic and also works as the Regional Coordinator for Hanger Clinics peer visitor program.  At age 3 he was diagnosed with Albright’s Syndrome, a brittle bone disease that caused him to break an arm or leg almost every time he fell down. He was hospitalized multiple times and his right leg was amputated above the knee at age 16, due to non-growth. Doug believes in Jesus as his Savior and believes that God is able to heal our disease and says that is why he is here, alive and healthy today. Wanting to give back to amputee community, Doug started Abled Amputees in 2013 with social media and the website. He strongly believes that physical and occupational therapy are a very important key to an amputees success.
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