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Cosi Belloso MPT

Co-Director of Programs
Cosi Belloso, MSPT is a physical therapist with over 17 years working in the field.  Her experiences include working in trauma ICU, cardiology, orthopaedic trauma, burns, spinal cord injury, pediatrics, oncology, and transplant.  Her passion is working with the amputee/limb loss community.  She is the proud owner of Palanca, Inc-- a physical therapy outpatient clinic that is exclusively for helping patients achieve success with mobility after limb loss.  She is also the host of "Cosi Talks," a live weekly Facebook show where she answer questions from her audience regarding recovery from limb loss.  On a personal note, she is the mother of 4 beautiful children, she loves playing violin and running.  She recently celebrated 4 years survival from breast cancer. Hooyah!
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